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folder-icon Instructors: How do I grade Turnitin assignments in Speedgrader? folder-icon Instructors: How to Access the Turnitin Similarity Report Beta folder-icon Instructors: How to access your account for the first time folder-icon Instructors: How to re-submit Turnitin Assignment directly to overwrite an existing student submission folder-icon Instructors: How to retrieve your Canvas preferred email for a Turnitin account folder-icon Instructors: How to Submit an Assignment Directly to Turnitin folder-icon Known Issue: Error occurs when submitting a Turnitin Assignment in Safari folder-icon Known Issue: Turnitin "Post Date" Error folder-icon Known Issue: Turnitin Zoom Bug Causing Difficulty with Assignment Submission folder-icon My students have already submitted their papers - can I still have them checked for plagiarism by Turnitin? folder-icon [NEW TURNITIN DIRECT]: Canvas Turnitin Direct Overview folder-icon [NEW TURNITIN DIRECT] Instructors: How to create a Turnitin assignment using Turnitin Direct folder-icon [NEW TURNITIN DIRECT] Instructors: How to view originality reports for Turnitin Direct assignments folder-icon [NEW TURNITIN DIRECT] Students: How to submit Turnitin Direct assignments folder-icon [Old LTI Integration] Canvas Turnitin Integration Overview folder-icon [Old LTI integration] How do I use a Canvas rubric with a Turnitin assignment? folder-icon [Old LTI integration] How to create a Turnitin assignment folder-icon [Old LTI integration] Instructors: How do I manage Turnitin assignments? folder-icon [Old LTI Integration] Instructors: Viewing & Interpreting Turnitin's Originality Reports folder-icon [Old LTI integration] Students: How to Submit a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas folder-icon Students: How do I view Turnitin results for my submission? folder-icon Students: How to download a Turnitin digital receipt

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