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[Old LTI Integration] Instructors: Viewing & Interpreting Turnitin's Originality Reports
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Turnitin is makes it easier for instructors to detect plagiarism or other unauthorized aid in students' submitted work. When students submit work to a Turnitin-enabled assignment, their submissions are run through Turnitin's database to determine if any portion of it appears in published works, web sources, or other students' submissions. This information is reported back to you via the Similarity Report and can help you to determine whether a student's work is genuine. This article will demonstrate how to both access and interpret Turnitin Similarity Reports.

Accessing Similarity Reports

  1. In your course, select Assignments on the course navigation menu.
    Location of Assignments tab in course navigation bar,
  2. Find and click on the title of the Turnitin assignment for which you would like to view the Similarity Report.
    Location of Turnitin example assignment
  3. You will be presented with the Assignment Inbox for Turnitin. Find the particular student's submission that you would like to examine. There will be a colored circle and a percentage icon for each submission under the "Similarity" column. Click the similarity icon corresponding to the submission whose Similarity Report you wish to view.
    Location of similarity score button within Turnitin LTI interface.
  4. This will open up the Feedback Studio, where you can get a more accurate appraisal of what specific content within a student's submission was flagged, as well as other relevant information.
    Highlighted text within the Turnitin Feedback Studio.
    The Feedback Studio can provide you with a great deal of information regarding the sources of potentially plagiarized material, as well as the ability to provide feedback to your students. Watch the short feedback studio video below to learn how to use the Feedback Studio.

Interpreting similarity reports

Turnitin's similarity reports contain a fair amount of information. Learn more about interpreting similarity scores and Turnitin's use of colors and percentages in similarity reports.

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