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[Old LTI integration] How to create a Turnitin assignment

Turnitin is a top-ranked plagiarism deterrent service that integrates with Canvas. When students submit their assignments to Turnitin, similarity reports show which portions may have been improperly cited or plagiarized. Additional Turnitin features include inline grading, rubrics, revision assignments, and anonymous peer-editing options.

Turnitin is automatically installed in every course site in Canvas! To create a Turnitin Assignment:

  1. Click into your course site.
  2. Select Assignments on the course navigation menu.
  3. On the Assignments page, select the + Assignment button to create a new assignment.
  4. Scroll down to Submission Type and select External Tool.
  5. Click on the Find button that will appear under the heading Enter or find an External Tool URL
  6. In the window that appears, scroll to the bottom and click the Turnitin LTI API option. Then, press the Select button.
  7. You may now set the rest of your assignment preferences. Don't forget to press Save when you're done!
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  • 24-Oct-2018