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How do I manually enroll a user (e.g., TA, Course Designer, etc.) into my course site?

Teachers (instructors of record) cannot manually enroll students into a course or development site in Canvas. All student enrollments are managed through myFSU Student Central (the Registrar).

However, if a student needs to finish an incomplete course or if there is a situation where a Teacher wants a student to have access to course materials without the student being registered in the course, the Teacher will need to complete a manual student enrollment form

Teachers can manually enroll TAs, fellow Teachers, and Learning Assistants by "inviting" them to enroll in their course. Once they have accessed the course or accepted the invitation sent to their email address, they will be enrolled in the course.

We do not recommend that a single user have multiple roles in a course (e.g., instructor has both teacher and student roles), as this will cause errors within the course site.

Note: Canvas calls instructors "Teachers" and course builders "Course Designers". There is no Grader role currently in Canvas--TA is the closest equivalent.

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