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I registered for my course, so why isn't it showing up?

If you can't find the course you registered for in myFSU Student Central (, there are a few steps you can take to locate the course. After going through these steps and you still are not able to locate your course you may contact ODL technical support:

  1. Has the semester started yet? Students are not put into their course sites until approximately 10 days before the term begins.
  2. Did you add the course fewer than 24 hours ago? Canvas enrollments don't update immediately, so you may want to just check back in a few hours. You will only be able to access the course in Canvas after the next automated enrollment process has run.
  3. Do you see the course listed in Courses > All Courses? Courses may not automatically show up on the dashboard, but many times the course is still available in All Courses. If you like to "favorite" certain courses so that you only see select classes in your Dashboard, then you may need to go to the All Courses page and adjust your "favorites."

  4. Is the course published? When looking in Courses > All Courses there will be a column that says if the course is published or not. Locate the course and look to the column to the far right. If there is a "no" the course is not published and no students will be able to access it. 

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  • 03-Feb-2021