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Canvas Assessments FAQs
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304 - Quizzes Overview (Instructors) (Last updated 2023-06-02) from the Instructure Community video guides.

To view subtitles for this video, click the subtitles icon in the toolbar between the volume and gear icons.  The subtitles icon looks like a box with two broken horizontal lines along the bottom. You can also view the script for this video.


  1. What are the best practices for Canvas Assessments (Quizzes)?
  2. How do I make a test/quiz in Canvas?
  3. What test/quiz settings are available in Canvas?
  4. How to allow extra time for student(s) on a Canvas assessment
  5. Can I make surveys in Canvas?
  6. Can I make an assessment so that students only see one question displayed at a time?
  7. What question types are available in Canvas?
  8. How do I make test pools (Question Banks)?
  9. How do I add an existing question bank to my quiz?
  10. Can I use random blocks of questions?
  11. How can I randomize questions in a question group (test pool) for my quiz?
  12. I don't want my students to be able to see a quiz that I'm working on. How do I hide it from them?
  13. How do I add a rubric to a quiz?
  14. How do I clear a student's attempt for a test?
  15. How do I export/import quizzes in Canvas?
  16. How do I run an Item Analysis on my Canvas Assessment?
  17. How can I secure my quiz to minimize the possibility of cheating?
  18. How do I create an attendance quiz or survey that requires a password?
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