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New Quizzes Transition Timeline

New Quizzes is Canvas's new assessment engine and will replace "Classic" Quizzes over the next few years. Below are important milestones in the transition timeline. To avoid potential issues or extra stress for FSU's faculty, staff, and students, the official timeline has been adapted to better align with FSU's academic calendar.


Spring-Summer 2022

New Quizzes was enabled for all FSU Canvas courses and development sites at the beginning of 2022. ODL encourages instructors to use New Quizzes in a development site to practice with the available features. Instructors also have the option to use New Quizzes in live course sites based on their comfort level. New Quizzes webinars are available now and will last through the duration of the transition. Register for the Get Started with Canvas New Quizzes webinar today.


Calendar year 2023

On December 14th 2022, after Fall grades have been submitted, the migration of assessment content from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes will be turned on by default. If instructors would prefer to not migrate content at this time, they can uncheck the default setting when importing course content.

ODL recommends that instructors begin using New Quizzes in all courses during the calendar year 2023. With one year left before Classic Quizzes is retired, 2023 is an ideal time to employ migration tools, receive assistance with any issues, and help students experience New Quizzes' interface and improvements. Instructors who have both teaching and research commitments will have 1-2 teaching semester(s) left before Classic Quizzes is retired. Training via webinars will continue throughout the duration of the transition. Check the ODL Training & Workshops page toward the end of each semester for future semester offerings.


Spring 2024

At this point in the timeline, instructors should be using New Quizzes exclusively to avoid any last-minute migration challenges. Messaging will appear frequently throughout the Spring 2024 semester with any additional information relevant to the final phase of the transition. Training via webinars will continue throughout the spring semester. Check the Training & Workshops page toward the end of the Fall 2023 semester for spring offerings.


Summer 2024

In June 2024, Canvas' parent company (Instructure) will discontinue all use of Classic Quizzes and will fully transition to New Quizzes. Classic Quizzes will only be available for part of the Summer 2024 semester. Classic Quizzes will be discontinued June 30, 2024 and only historical data will be retained. ODL will continue to offer training via webinars beyond the retirement date for Classic Quizzes as long as there is enough interest. Check the ODL Training & Workshops page toward the end of the Spring 2024 semester for summer offerings. Regardless of whether webinars continue, instructors can reach out to ODL Technical Support for assistance by calling 850-644-8004, emailing [email protected], or submitting a ticket.


More Information

ODL's Technical Support team will be available to help throughout the transition process. Canvas has many new or improved features planned for New Quizzes and these changes are expected to appear throughout the transition. We appreciate your patience as information can become outdated quickly. Check the FSU Canvas Support Center often to learn about changes and new features in New Quizzes!

For more information about the Quizzes transition, visit Instructure's Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline post or join the Instructure Community New Quizzes Feature Group.


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