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Canvas Assignments FAQs
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  1. How do I use/navigate Assignments in Canvas?
  2. How do I create assignment weights?
  3. What types of Assignments are available in Canvas?
  4. What file types are supported in Canvas Assignments?
  5. How do I create an assignment in Canvas?
  6. How do I assign students different due dates for the same assignment?
  7. Can I create peer review assignments so that my students can give each other feedback on their work?
  8. Is there an inline assignment grading feature?
  9. Can I use Rubrics in Canvas?
  10. Is Turnitin available in Canvas? How do I make a Turnitin Assignment?
  11. How to import a rubric in Canvas: Installing & Using the Import Rubric Tool
  12. Can I divide my students into groups for assignments, discussions, etc.?
  13. Is there a wiki tool option in Canvas? How can I create a course wiki?
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