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How do I assign students different due dates for the same assignment?

Canvas allows you to assign different due dates for an assignment to individual students or groups of students. This feature is helpful for facilitating make-ups, using different due dates for different course sections in cross-listed courses, assigning work differently to undergraduate and graduate sections, and other class functions.

  1. Click into your course site.
  2. Select Assignments on the course navigation menu.
  3. On the Assignments page, locate the assignment that you would like to make multiple due dates for and click the assignment's title. This will take you to the individual assignment's page.
  4. Click the Edit button in the upper right of the screen to enter into that assignment's settings.
  5. Scroll down on the Assignment Settings page until you reach the Assign menu. This menu allows you to adjust availability settings and the due date(s) for the assignment in question.

    Here is a quick overview each of the fields in the Assign menu:
    • Assign to determines which students are affected by the given ranges of dates. By default, assignments apply a single set of these dates to everyone in the course.
    • The Due field determines the deadline for submitting the assignment. Student submissions after the date entered in the due date field will be flagged as late in the Gradebook.
    • The Available from field determines when students can begin accessing the assignment.
    • The Until field determines when students will no longer be able to access the assignment.
    • The + Add button allows you to create different sets of dates for different students or groups of students.
  6. Click the + Add button. This will cause Canvas to prompt you to identity the student(s) for which the new set of dates will apply.

    You can select entire course sections if you are teaching a cross-listed course, or you can add individual students one at a time. Once they're selected, you can adjust the other settings as you would in the initial box.

    Note that the original box now says "Everyone Else" to reflect the existence of multiple due/availability date settings for the assignment.

  7. Click the red Save button at the bottom of the page to save the entered date settings for the assignment.

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