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Can I divide my students into groups for assignments, discussions, etc.?
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Making and using student groups within Canvas

Yes, you can divide your students into groups in your Canvas site.  You must first create your group set and then create the individual student groups.  You have the following options for creating a group set in Canvas:


  • Allow self sign-up
  • Require that group members be in the same section
  • Can split students into x equally-sized groups
  • Can create groups manually
  • Can optionally assign a student leader manually or automatically in a group

Tools available to each individual group:


  • Home page
  • Announcements
  • Pages
  • People
  • Discussions
  • Files
  • Conferences
  • Collaborations

Assignments and cross-listed course sections

You can also assign work to specific course sections if you have a course with different sections cross-listed together. Cross-listing can allow you to better manage several sections of a given course by consolidating them into a single Canvas site. Learn how to cross-list your course sections together.


Assignments and quizzes in Canvas that are assigned to a single section are not visible to students outside that section. This can be helpful if you have cross-listed the undergraduate and graduate versions of a course together, but still want to assign different work to each separate section.

Additional resources

Further resources for student groups:

Further resources for sections:

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