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01/19/2022 Kaltura Playback disruption

We have received reports that some users are currently unable to access Kaltura videos within Canvas' My Media and Course Media pages using Firefox.  Kaltura engineers are aware that Firefox users are receiving a notification about enabling 3rd party cookies and they have been actively working to create a solution.  Kaltura engineers have identified that the issue is caused by the most recent update for Firefox (versions 96.0.0, released on Jan. 11, and 96.0.1, released on Jan 13).  They report that they have a fix which is currently undergoing code review and quality testing to ensure that it does not lead to unexpected behavior.  They expect that the fix will be deployed on Sunday, Jan. 23rd.

We have also received reports that some users are currently unable to watch Kaltura videos from within Canvas' My Media and Course Media pages using Chrome.  Users are seeing an "access denied" message instead of seeing the Kaltura media player.  Based on our own testing, we have found that most Chrome users are able to watch Kaltura videos that have been embedded in a Canvas page.  This issue has been reported to Kaltura and we are continuing to provide information so that Kaltura can identify the cause of this issue.

A few work-arounds have been found effective in most cases.  Kaltura recommends that those who use Firefox should delay updating until the fix has been deployed on Sunday, Jan. 23.  If a user has already updated their Firefox browser, they can revert to the previous version.  Older Firefox versions can be found using the link in the previous sentence, or by visiting Mozilla's support page and searching for "Install older version Firefox".

For Chrome users, we can also recommend embedding Kaltura videos into a Canvas page to share with others.  This has been able to bypass the "access denied" error message.

Kaltura has not yet updated their status page with either of these issues, but we will continue to monitor it and provide updates once they do.  We are also monitoring Kaltura's new Community site for any other information.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this issue is causing and thank you for your patience while Kaltura engineers work towards a full resolution. For more information about this issue and a specific resolution timeline, please see the Kaltura Incident Report for this issue

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  • 20-Jan-2022