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PlayPosit Overview

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What is PlayPosit?

PlayPosit is an instructional design tool that can help you enrich your course media to more effectively engage students. You can convert passive video into an immersive, learning-focused experience.

This tool is available for all courses as part of our pilot running through Summer 2022.

Why use it?

PlayPosit integrates into your Canvas course sites. With the tool, you can create an interactive learning experience for your students:

  • Personalize learning pathways
  • Embed simulations
  • Create branching scenarios
  • Build threaded discussion boards

You can track student participation with a monitoring feature and analytics, so you can gain insight into how your students are interacting with the course material.

Here's what our FSU faculty think:

Additional benefits include:

  • Premade templates. Add premade interactions to your video for student feedback, pre-/post-assessments, or pop quizzes.
  • Hotspots. Use custom video overlays to quiz students or annotate the video.
  • Custom timing. Set the timing and length of interactions to ensure students have sufficient time to consider their answers.
  • Drag and drop editing. Add, reorder, crop, or delete videos using the drag and drop editing feature.

Keep in mind

Instructors can access video content from Kaltura or YouTube to create interactive video lessons. Both you and your students will also benefit from autograded questions, free response and discussion interactions, and customized feedback based on learner response.

How to get help

ODL has partnered with PlayPosit to provide customized support and resources for understanding interaction data. For information on how to use the tool, Visit the PlayPosit Academy. For one-on-one instructional design support, reach out to Brady at [email protected] or Angie at [email protected].

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