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10/23/2019: Canvas Community Feedback Recommendations

Florida State University understands that there is room for improvement within Canvas. Listed here are some notable ideas being proposed for Canvas integration. Please browse through each idea, and Vote Up if you feel it will be of use for teaching purposes.

  • Student activity report: Student Time log
    Adds a "total time spent" or "time spent per day" measurement to Student Activity Reports to determine how much time students are spending within a particular course site.
  • Assigning Peer Reviews for Physical Projects
    Allows instructors to use Canvas's peer reviewing features on "No Submission" or "On Paper" assignment types.
  • On hover event for New Gradebook Cell
    To make the New Gradebook more intuitive and easy to use, the Speedgrader icon will appear when hoovering over a grade column cell.
  • Add search bar to assignment list when adding to an announcement
    Proposes the addition of a search bar when linking to Canvas items like assignments, pages, or discussions.

Also, take a moment to review the previous recommendation list.

Keep checking in! There are always many ideas ready for voting.
— FSU ODL Technical Support

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  • 23-Oct-2019