08/14/2019: NEW FSU Emergency Module to help promote academic resiliency

As the Fall semester approaches, we are excited to announce the release of a new course management tool that is now available to all FSU instructors!

The FSU Emergency Module, developed by the Office of Distance Learning, is the result of our reflection on the lessons we learned from assisting our Panama City ‘Noles affected by Hurricane Michael in 2018. We are proud of their resilience and we felt strongly that we needed to offer tools to better equip and assist both you and and your students in navigating emergency events from an instructional and student-retention perspective.

What is the FSU Emergency Module?

The FSU Emergency Module is a critical tool to help with both proactive and reactive emergency course management that can be used in both distance-learning and face-to-face courses. The benefits of using this module include:

  • Connecting both you and your students with critical FSU resources for main campus and Panama City locations, as well as local, state, and national emergency resources. 
  • Faster, streamlined communication by offering you easily adapted sample announcements to keep your students informed during a prolonged university closure.
  • Gathering analytics to help you to determine the level of impact an emergency event has had on your students’ ability to finish the course, while simultaneously encouraging students to proactively share their concerns about continuing in the course with you.
  • Encouraging community building by giving your students a space to process the emergency event and reach out to each other for support.

Learn more about the FSU Emergency Module and how to use it! For additional ideas and recommendations to help you prepare for emergency campus closures, please see our Incorporating emergency preparedness into your course design resource

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  • 14-Aug-2019