07/18/2019: Kaltura Media Closed Captions Upgrade

All videos hosted in Kaltura are automatically machine captioned upon creation. Now, Kaltura is upgrading its video captioning technology to streamline the caption and transcript creation process, making it more user-friendly.

The top improvements include:

  1. Improved Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) machine transcription
    The ASR algorithm used to create your video captions recognizes the words spoken in your media recordings with 75-85% accuracy. Caption accuracy is expected to increase over time as the algorithm uses machine-based learning to allow it to adapt to accents, background noise, volume changes, and even individual voices.
  2. More intuitive caption editing
    Kaltura’s changes to the caption-editing interface make it more streamlined and intuitive to use. See our guide to editing Kaltura captions to learn more.
  3. New automatic transcript widget
    Editable transcripts will be created for your new videos, and viewers will now be able to search through and download these transcripts. Reviewing video lectures while studying for an exam has never been easier!

These enhancements provide instructors with better, faster tools for improving video captions to be close to 100% accurate. This makes it easier to meet current universal design and accessibility standards.

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  • 08-Aug-2019