02/22/2019: Check out our new FSU Canvas Announcement Archive!

Ever accidentally closed out an announcement on your Dashboard and wished you could bring it back? Or, wanted to un-clutter your Dashboard view by closing out announcements but wish you could still access that information later for reference? Our new FSU Canvas Announcement Archive now gives you that option! It is a resource you can use to reference Canvas-related features, issues, and fixes that we have shared in a Canvas announcement on your Dashboard. Whether you need more details for a recent Canvas issue, or want to look over any past announcements you may have missed, the Announcement Archive is an easy-to-access reference to help keep you informed.

You can access the Announcement Archive via the Canvas Help menu: Just click Help on the garnet global navigation menu and the Announcement Archive link is the first option that appears.


Once you are in the Announcement Archive, feel free to browse through all of this semester's announcements that are categorized by the date the announcement was published.

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  • 22-Feb-2019