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OneSearch: Curriculum Builder Overview

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OneSearch: Curriculum Builder allows you to create reading lists and provide direct access to resources from FSU Libraries within your Canvas course site. You can search through and select resources from FSU library content, making it simple for students to access the necessary resources they need to succeed in your class. It is also a great way to add videos provided by Films on Demand, where you can choose from thousands of high-quality educational titles in dozens of subject areas.

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Additional information for Films On Demand:

To search for Films On Demand content through the OneSearch: Curriculum Builder, you may have to search specifically by the title of the content you'd like to provide, or by the author "Infobase." It may be best to navigate directly to Films On Demand to find the video you want, and then return to your reading list in OneSearch: Curriculum Builder to search for the video in the FSU Library Catalog. Providing the video through the OneSearch: Curriculum Builder is necessary to provide authentication for FSU users.

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