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iClicker Classic: How to use iClicker to take attendance

iClicker Cloud is replacing iClicker Classic as the single supported iClicker instructor software for classes starting in January 2024. Visit iClicker's announcement page for more information.

One easy way to take attendance in your course is by using iClicker polling. To use iClicker polling, please follow the steps below.

Note: If you already have iClicker set up in your Canvas course, skip to Setting up Participation Points within iClicker.

Download and Install iClicker Software

Download the software from our iClicker Classic Instructor Overview and follow the instructions in that article to pair the iClicker course with your Canvas course site.

Setting up Participation Points within iClicker

Set polling sessions to only record participation points.

  1. Click Settings from the main page of the iClicker program
  2. Select the Scoring tab (indicated by the red arrow in the image below). Set points for responding and points for correct response to 0 (blue arrow below). Then, select the at least one question option from the To earn participation points students must respond to drop-down menu (green arrow below). Press the Save button at the bottom right of the window (black arrow below) to save these changes.

Run Attendance Session in Class

For information about running an attendance session, please see this article.

Send Attendance Polling Session results from iClicker to your Canvas Course

  1. Within iClicker, Go to back to the main iClicker menu
  2. Select the course and press the open gradebook button on the right of the window (see red arrow in image below).
  3. Press Sync Scores at the top left of the gradebook window (see red arrow in screenshot below).
  4. Check the box for the session you conducted in class (red arrow in image below) and press Next at the bottom right (blue arrow in image below).
  5. In this next window, you won't need to make any changes. Simply press Upload. The polling session will now show up in your Canvas course's gradebook by session and session number.

Change Name of Polling Session to Attendance Date in your Canvas course

The session will be brought over into your Canvas course as an assignment, which will generate a column in your course's gradebook. The grade column in your Canvas course will be named "Session" followed by the number of sessions you've run in the program (e.g., Session 1). To change the name of the grade column to a date, simply edit the name of the assignment.

Please note: changing the name of the assignment will not create any problems when moving any future grades from iClicker into Canvas.

If you wish to grade students in iClicker using correct/incorrect answers, please see this guide for more information.

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