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iClicker Classic: How to setup iClicker Reef Polling

Students will have the ability to use the iClicker Reef app to participate in your iClicker polling sessions after following the steps below:

Step 1: Enable Reef polling in your iClicker software. Please see the below article for assistance.

Step 2: Make sure the People menu item in your course site is available to students. 

In Canvas, students need access to the user pk number (called the Student ID in the Reef registration app). Please see the below image for reference, the Student ID is indicated by the yellow box:

The only way students are able to find their user pk number is by clicking on their own name in the People menu item in a Canvas course site. The red arrow in the below image points to their user pk number, listed after /users/ in the URL:

If you need any help showing the people menu item to students, please see the How do I manage Course Navigation links? article.

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  • 30-Nov-2022