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Outcomes Overview

Outcomes are a built-in tool in Canvas that allows data-tracking of multiple courses within the university, your department, your college, or another Sub-Account level. Applying Outcomes to multiple Canvas Rubrics and Quizzes allows you to track both individual student progressions and gather data on a more broad scope.

Keep in mind

  • It is crucial to make sure that your Outcomes are configured correctly when you initially add them to your course. Once an Outcome has been applied to a student for scoring you can no longer edit or delete it. The only way to remove the Outcome from your course at that point is to reset the course, which means deleting everything that you have in your course site. This is also the case for Outcomes made in the Sub-Account and imported into your course.
  • Outcomes may cause problems with Canvas Peer Reviews. It is not yet known how multiple scores through Canvas's Peer Review assignments will impact the data gathering of Outcomes aligned to the rubrics you use with these Peer Review assignments. In Canvas's Peer Review assignment type, students apply a grade to each other's assignments through the rubric and we do not know how Outcomes will react to the multiple gradings of a single rubric or Outcome at once. We believe that Turnitin's PeerMark peer review assignments should not cause any difficulty with using Outcomes because Turnitin is an external tool and so students would be performing their peer reviews within Turntin's system, not Canvas's rubrics.

How to access and add Outcomes to your course

It is best practice to import Outcomes from your department, college, or other Sub-Account grouping instead of building your own.

  1. Select Outcomes from the course navigation menu on the left of the screen.
  2. Press the Find button to bring up the Find Outcomes window.
  3. In the Find Outcomes window contains three frames. The left frame displays different Outcome groupings. The middle frame will display both Outcome groupings and specific Outcomes. The right frame will show a preview of a specific Outcome so that you can verify that it is the correct one before importing it into your course. Click on the group names and specific Outcomes in the left and middle frames to locate the specifc Outcome you wish to add to your course. Once you have located the specific Outcome, select it with your cursor in the middle frame, and then click the garnet Import button to add it to your course.
    Please note: You can only import one Outcome at a time.

How to Apply Scores and Values to Students

  • SpeedGrader: Use the SpeedGrader tool to assign values to individual Rubric Cells while grading. Typing numbers into the Rubric will not work.
  • Quizzes: An aligned Outcome in a Question Bank will have a percentage value assigned to it.

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