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How to download Kaltura media items that you already own

It is now possible for instructors to download their own Kaltura videos and audio recordings! Follow the instructions below to learn how:

Note: This feature is currently not supported in Safari. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to download your Kaltura media. 

  1. Under My Media, select Edit for the video or audio recording you would like to download.
    Screenshot with Edit icon highlighted
  2. In the Downloads tab, check the boxes next to the formats you wish to have available for download (depending on the original file's format, not all will be available). Click Save then click Go To Media.
    Screenshot with download options
  3. You will now see a Download option appear under Details on the media items's main page. Click Download to access downloadable versions.
    Screenshot showing Download link.
  4. You will then be presented with links to download any of the available versions you checked earlier. Click the Download link next to the desired version.
    Screenshot showing download version links.

TIP: To allow students enrolled in your Canvas course to download a video or audio recording for offline playback, right-click (Mac: control-click) any download link and copy it, then paste it into an email, announcement, or other location.

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  • 22-Mar-2019