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How to search for classes and add them (myFSU)

In order to officially enroll in an online and on-campus class, you must find it and add it on myFSU Student Central (

How to search for classes on myFSU

  1. Navigate to Student Central by clicking the SC icon.
  2. Select Self-Service > Class search.
  3. Please note that any search criteria left blank will eliminate all filters for that specific criteria. At least two search criteria must be selected.
  4. If needed, change the default value for the Term field. A value must be selected.
  5. You can narrow your listing of classes by searching for your department or college. Select the magnifying glass next to Academic Organization (Acad Dept) to select your department.
  6. If you know the specific course subject (e.g., "ENC") and course number (e.g., "1101"), feel free to provide these in the Subject and Course Number fields.
  7. If needed, change the default value for the Course Career field. 
  8. Keep the Campus field as "Tallahassee".
  9. Next to Course Attribute, select "Physical Location". Then, next to Course Attribute Value, select "Online".
  10. By default, you will only be able to see classes that have seats available. To change this setting, uncheck Show Open Classes Only.
  11. Select Search to view the results.

How to add classes to your shopping cart on myFSU

  1. Once you have located your class, select it to learn more about the specific sections that are available:
    • Confirm whether or not the section is for out-of-state students or for in-state students (they charge differently!).
    • If you are an online student, you can also see if the class is synchronous (real-time lectures) or asynchronous (at your own pace).
    • You can also see if the class is reserved for a specific type of student (e.g., those in a special program or student group).
  2. To add the class to your shopping cart, press the Select Class button.
  3. To officially enroll in the class, review the class details one last time and select Enroll  for each class.
  4. Your course's website will normally appear in Canvas ( within 24 hours of enrolling in the course.

Two important notes:

  • Putting classes in your shopping cart does not save you a seat in the class. You must enroll in each class to reserve a seat. Additionally, saving a class to the shopping cart does not ensure that you meet the requirements for enrolling in that class. You must always check the Class Details page to ensure that you are eligible to enroll in a given class. Check with your advisor if you have questions.
  • Generally, you are only eligible to enroll in classes that match your location code. If you are having trouble enrolling in a class that you should be eligible for, please contact one of the offices below.

Need help?

  • If you are an online (distance learning) student, please contact the Office of Distance Learning at (850) 644-4635 or email us at [email protected]. We are open from 8am to 5pm, weekdays.
  • For Tallahassee campus students, try reaching out to Registrar at (850) 644-1050 or the ITS Service Desk at (850) 645-4357
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