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How to ensure your HTML syllabus contains up-to-date FSU Institutional Policies

Florida State University requires that instructors include up-to-date university policies and resources within their course syllabus. Canvas can make updating your syllabus to include the most current policies a snap! This article will demonstrate how to use the Design Tools feature within Canvas to quickly replace t…

Will I be able to view my course site from the student perspective?

Yes, you will be able to view your course just as a student would using the "Student View" feature. The Student View tool allows you to view your course as your students see it. However, please note that Student View does not differentiate between published and unpublished content and should not be used as an accurat…

What settings and features are available at the course level?

At the course level you can update and see the different users and sections in your course, and you can modify the navigation of your course. You can also determine whether or not to use Canvas's new features in your course site by turning them on or off. See our Instructors: Course Settings Options article for mor…

Instructors: I want my students to meet together easily without me - can they do this with Zoom?

Zoom is a great tool for facilitating synchronous communication with your students, especially for online courses. Though Zoom does not feature an "always on" course room, your students can still utilize their own FSU Zoom accounts to meet with one another to collaborate on group projects, form study groups, and more…

Do I have the ability to shift events/due dates when I course copy?

Yes, you do have the ability to shift events/dates in a course copy. Further resources: * How do I adjust events and dates in a course import?

FSU Libraries and Canvas Integration

This guide is designed to help faculty and instructors integrate library resources and services into Canvas courses.  Learn more at !

Can I use iClicker in Canvas? How do I set it up?

Yes, iClicker is a third-party tool that we are able to use in Canvas. For set up please see: * iClicker Cloud: Instructor Overview * Download iClicker Cloud v6 1.0 Note: iClicker Cloud v6 1.0 release is the first step in adding new features including STEM questions and Short Answer case sensitivity to iClicker C…

What options are available for me when I conduct a course copy?

In Canvas items can be course copied on the individual item level rather than just entire areas in your course site. However, enrollments are not transferred over to your new site in a Course Copy. Further resources: * How do I copy  content from my old Canvas course or Canvas development site into my new Canvas s…

Renewing an online delivery method

Online delivery methods (Fully Online or Mostly Online) expire after 3 years. The course will be “active” in the catalog and the Curriculum Request Application , but no courses can be built using the online delivery method until a course request for online delivery method renewal has been approved by the UCC. Bel…

Is there a way to quickly check my course site for any broken links?

Yes, Canvas allows you to quickly  validate all the external links in your course site  to verify that they are all working.

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