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How to update modules and other resources imported from Canvas Commons
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If you've ever imported modules (like the FSU Emergency Module or the FSU Course Evaluation Module) into your course site from Canvas Commons, you may want to know how to update them with the latest information. Follow these steps to check for, read about, and import updates available to Canvas Commons resources you've used.


  1. Select Commons from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the Updates link from the top row of options.
  3. Review the available updates for modules/resources you've downloaded. Each module/resource will display the following:
    1. resource name (e.g., FSU Course Evaluation Module)
    2. publisher (e.g., ODL Technical Support)
    3. timestamp of the update
    4. overview of the update's changes
    5. names of your course(s) that contain a previous version
    6. publication timestamp of the previous version 
  4. Select the checkbox(es) next to the course(s) that should receive the updated module/resource.
    • By default, all checkboxes are checked. Deselect the checkbox next to any courses that should not receive the updated module/resource.
    • When there is only one course listed, there are no checkboxes.
  5. Select the Update selected button (or the Update button if there is only one course listed).
  6. Select the Yes button when the confirmation pop-up appears.
  7. The "Update selected" (or "Update") button will temporarily change to say Updating... with a light blue background.
  8. The update is complete after (1) the button changes back to saying "Update selected" (if you updated fewer than all course sites) or (2) the module/resource disappears from the list (if all possible course sites were updated).
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