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Saving a Course Syllabus as a PDF file in Canvas
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Canvas has introduced an intuitive and creative way of providing course syllabi to students, however, there are no obvious ways to allow students to save these syllabi to their personal computers. Did you know that you can save any webpage as a PDF file? This is the workaround that we recommend if you want to download your course syllabus.

How to save a Canvas Syllabus or Page as a PDF File (using Google Chrome)

  1. Click into the Canvas course whose syllabus you want to save.
  2. On the Course Navigation Menu on the left, select Syllabus.
  3. Right-click on the Syllabus page and select the Print option. Or, use the following keyboard shortcuts:
    Windows users: press Ctrl+P on your keyboard
    Mac users: press Command+P on your keyboard
  4. Click the Change... button to change the destination of the web-page
  5. Select a Save as PDF option
  6. Click the Save button to save this PDF file to your computer

A copy of the Syllabus should now be saved onto your personal computer!   

Please note that the directions above were performed within the Google Chrome browser. Using other web-browsers may be slightly different, but saving a webpage as a PDF is found under the "Print" option regardless of which browser you choose to use. Either changing the destination to be a PDF, or simply Printing/Saving as a PDF will allow the static webpage to be saved to your computer as a PDF file.

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