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Downloading a Zoom meeting recording

Please note: these directions are for meetings where you have opted to record to your local computer. We are now recommending recording meetings to the Zoom cloud. If you record to the Zoom cloud, then your meeting recording will automatically be added to your Kaltura My Media page for easy sharing and storage beyond the 180-day storage limit in the Zoom cloud. You can still download your meeting recordings from the Zoom cloud, but having them in your Kaltura account offers more convenience.

  1. After you have ended your Zoom meeting, you will see a dialog box appear briefly that states "you have a recording that needs to be converted before it can be viewed." This dialog box will disappear once that conversion has completed.
  2. Another "browse" dialog box will appear. Select the folder where you want your meeting to be saved and then click Ok.

    You may also see a Zoom window prompting you to log in. This window can be ignored and closed out because it will have no impact on your ability to save your Zoom recording.
  3. To retrieve your meeting recording, open File Explorer (Windows users) or Finder (Mac users) and navigate to the folder that you chose to house your Zoom recordings.
  4. Your recordings will be organized into sub-folders by meeting date and name. When you click into the specific sub-folder for your meeting recording you will see several files listed. Zoom saves a separate file for each meeting component that you use - audio only, meeting chat, whiteboard, etc. The video of your meeting will include all parts of the meeting and will always be titled "zoom_0.mp4":

    You can rename this file to something that makes more sense for you if you would like. See Zoom's Recording Formats resource for more information on how your recording files are created.
  5. If you would like, you can now upload this video recording of your Zoom meeting into Kaltura to share with your students.
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  • 24-Apr-2020