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Microsoft Excel Accessibility Resources
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Video Resources

These are short videos that include closed captions and transcripts.

  • Using Accessible Templates (02:28) 
    Prebuilt Excel templates can help save time and improve accessibility in the content that you create.

  • Making Tables Accessible (04:24) 
    Name and format tables carefully to make data accessible and understandable for everyone, including people with reading or vision disabilities.

  • Making Charts Accessible (04:12) 
    If you label chart elements with care and include alt text, your users will better understand the data - whether they're seeing the chart or hearing it interpreted by a screen reader.

Text-based Resources

Make your Excel Spreadsheets accessible
This resource will show you how to implement the following best practices whether you are working in the Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Online (Office365) version of Excel:

  • Include alternative text with all visuals and tables (including SmartArt graphics, shapes, and PivotCharts).
  • Add meaningful hyperlink text and ScreenTips.
  • Use sufficient contrast for text and background colors.
  • Give all sheet tabs unique names, and remove blank sheets.
  • Use a simple table structure, and specify column header information (including adding headers to a new table and using headers in an existing table).
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