FSU Canvas Grade Upload Tool

The FSU Canvas Grade Upload Tool allows you to upload your entire Canvas Gradebook into the official University Grade Roster application in myFSU's Faculty Center. When the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. At that time, you must access the University Grade Roster in the Faculty Center to complete the final approval and submission.

Please note:

  • Use of the Canvas Grade Upload Tool is optional. If you are teaching a smaller class, then manually entering final grades into the Faculty Center grade roster may be the easier, faster way to go. Our Canvas Grade Upload Tool presents the greatest advantage if you are teaching a large enrollment class. 
  • Once you have accessed the Grade Upload Tool, you may go back to the Canvas Grade Center to adjust your grades before you upload them to the University Grade Roster.
  • You may also use this tool to resubmit grades at any time during the grading window.
  • All grades in the University Grade Roster for this course will be overwritten with each resubmission.  If you manually enter or edit grades within the University Grade Roster application and then use the Grade Upload Tool to transfer grades from Canvas to the University Grade Roster, then you will need to re-do the manual entries/edits in the University Grade Roster application. For this reason, we recommend that you only manually enter (or edit) grades within the University Grade Roster application after you have submitted grades from your Canvas gradebook.

Using the FSU Canvas Grade Upload Tool

A. Enable a Grading Scheme and make sure that your final grades are accurate in Canvas  

Even though you can go back and make changes to your gradebook in Canvas, we strongly recommend that you make sure that the final grades in your course gradebook are accurate before you start validating grades using the Grade Upload Tool.

B. Access the Grade Upload Tool

  1. On the course navigation menu that displays on the left, select the Grade Upload link.

    If you do not see this link on your course navigation menu, you will need to enable the Grade Upload tool in your course. Follow these steps: 
    1. Select Settings on the course navigation menu.
    2. Select the Navigation  tab at the top of the page.
    3. Drag the Grade Upload navigation item up towards the top of the page so that it will display on your course navigation menu.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the Save button.
    5. You should now see and be able to select the Grade Upload link on your course navigation menu.
  2. You may be prompted to allow access for this tool the first time you try to access it. Click Authorize.

    Seeing a blank page? You may have to authorize our app through the old URL, fsu.instructure.com! You can quickly change the URL of your browser by changing the address at the top from "https://canvas.fsu.edu/courses/<course_id>/external_tools/17463" to "https://fsu.instructure.com/courses/<course_id>/external_tools/17463".
  3. Next, you will see the Grade Upload Tool entry page. Click the blue Validate/Upload Grades button at the bottom of the page. If you have a particularly large class, you may get a "service not available" message after clicking this button. If this happens, please click the blue Validate/Upload Grades button again.

C. Validate Grades

Navigating the User Interface

The Grade Upload Tool automatically displays 50 student records per page. Click on the drop-down menu in the uper left (A, in red below) to show up to 100 students per page. You can also sort the way you view records by clicking on the Column headings (B, in blue below). For large classes, we recommend sorting by the Error column heading to ensure that you more easily catch any records that require you to enter additional information. You can also use the search box in the upper right to quickly locate a specific student's record (C, in yellow below).

To navigate between pages, use the page numbers or the Previous and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the page (highlighted in red below). As you are working through the validation process, be sure to click the blue Save Current Page button (highlighted in yellow below) on the page you are on before going to another page in the Grade Upload Tool or exiting the Grade Upload Tool.

Validating Grades

You will need to review the grades in the "upload grade" column. Rows highlighted in beige contain records with errors in them. Please correct them or enter any additional information requested. There are three types of errors that you may encounter:

  1. Student not in CS: This means that the student is not listed in the Campus Solutions grade roster, so you will not be able to transfer this student's grade using the Grade Upload Tool. You will have to manually input this student's grade in the Faculty Center after you have uploaded the rest of your students' grades.
  2. Input Required: Title IV students may display an "Input Required" error - you will need to enter in the last attendance date for these students in order to remove this error (Click here for more informaton).
  3. Invalid Grade Type: You will see this error if a student is supposed to receive an S/U grade, but you have entered A, B, C, etc. This can be resolved by changing the grade type you enter in for this student. If you would prefer, you can ignore this error and manually input the student's grade in the Faculty Center after you have uploaded the rest of your students' grades.

Enter in any information required for students receiving "I" grades (Click here for more information). 

Please note, for any students who need a different grade type (S/U instead of A, B C, D or F, for instance) and for whom you do not see an option for issuing this grade type, you may have to make this correction in the faculty center after submitting your Canvas grades.

Definition of Grade Types

Some of these grade types ("IE" for instance) may be seen eventually on a student transcript but are not grade types that instructors assign in the system.

Grade Type Code Definition
A, A- Excellent
B+, B, B- Good
C+, C, C- Average
D+, D, D- Poor
F Failure
HM Honors Medicine
PM Pass Medicine
P Pass
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete
IE Incomplete Expired
NG No Grade Received from Instructor
GE No Grade Expired
W Withdrawn while Passing
WD Withdrawn with Dean’s Permission
EC Examination Credit
ED Departmental Examination

Grade Type Corrections

You may have some students in the class who require a different grade type than the rest of the students. You may have to make this correction in the faculty center after submitting your Canvas grades via the Grade Upload Tool.

Incomplete or "I" Grades

For each student with an "I" grade you will need to check the "incomplete" box and you will then be prompted to enter an expiration term and a default grade. The default grade will be posted on the student's transcript if the student has not completed the work by the expiration term you have chosen. If the student does complete the work and you submit a grade change form, the default grade will be deleted and your replacement grade will be entered on the transcript. Students are automatically granted one semester to complete the work. You may extend that up to one year by using the expiration term dropdown box.

After final grades have been submitted, please review this finishing incompletes in Canvas resource and submit the accompanying manual enrollment form to ensure your students receiving an incomplete will retain access to submit coursework.

Title IV Students with "F" or "I" Grades

For each Title IV student with an "F", "I", or "U" grade you will be prompted to enter the date of last attendance.

If the student never attended, check the Never Attended box. This date will default to the first date of the term when you upload your grades into the University Grade Roster. Note: This default date is correct, even if your first class session did not fall on the first day of the term.

D. Upload Grades

When you have completed the validation for all of your students, click the blue Upload Grade button at the top of the page to transfer the grades to the University Grade Roster.

Please note, only rows containing an "Upload Grade" will be transferred to the Faculty Center's grade roster.

You will receive an email when the upload is complete. The email will also indicate if any errors occurred during the upload process and provide the detail of those errors.

The upload process time will vary depending on server load and class roster size. (If you do not receive an email in your inbox within a reasonable time, please check your junk mail folder.) Sometimes the upload will be successful, but the Campus Solutions system is too overloaded to send a confirmation message, so you may also want to check the Faculty Center to see if the grades were uploaded even if the email message report does not indicate complete success.

E. Final Approval and Submission

After you receive the confirmation email, you must access the Grade Roster in the Faculty Center to complete the final grade approval and submission.

Note: You may only access the course grade roster in the Faculty Center if you are designated as the instructor of record or as a grade roster delegate.

Rosters not approved and saved to the Faculty Center by the end of the grade submission window will be considered late.

Note: It is important to keep your review status for grades as "Not Reviewed", as this status allows you to save and return at any time to input final grades.

For help with finishing the grade submission process in the Faculty Center in myFSU, please see the Use Grade Rosters in Faculty Center how-to article.

If any of your students received an incomplete, remember to review this finishing incompletes in Canvas resource and submit the accompanying manual enrollment form to ensure your students will retain access to submit coursework.

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