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How to disable syllabus in navigation and upload syllabus file to module

We highly recommend that you use the Syllabus page provided within your Canvas course to house your syllabus. It may seem convenient to bypass the Syllabus page altogether, but using it creates a much more intuitive experience for your students. If you are looking to upload a syllabus file to your course, we recommend adding that syllabus file to the description area on the Syllabus page.

While creating your syllabus file, you will need to make sure that its content is accessible to students regardless of any visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, or neurological disabilities they may have and any assistive technology they may be using. We recommend that you confirm that your syllabus file is accessible before uploading it to your course. Learn how to create accessible Word files.

Additional Accessibility Resources:

To disable the Syllabus link in the course navigation menu:

  1. Click Settings on the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Gear icon that appears to the right of the syllabus item.
  4. Select Disable to drop the Syllabus link into the hidden items in the bottom panel.
    Note: You can also drag and drop items or use the Move option in the Gear icon to hide and disable items in the course navigation.
  5. Click the garnet Save button at the bottom of the page.


To upload a syllabus file to a course module:

  1. Click Modules in the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the grey + button that displays to the right of the module in which you want to upload your syllabus file.

  3. Click the drop-down menu box.
  4. Select File from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click New File from the item list.
  6. Click the Browse button.

  7. Select the File on your device.
  8. Click the Open button to upload the file.

  9. Click the Add Item button in the dialog box.
    Note: The file name is visible next to the browse button.

  10. You have successfully added your syllabus file to a module.

    Note: Place yoiur cursor on the left corner of the item over the cluster of dots to move or reorder item(s).
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