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Flip Overview (formerly Flipgrid)
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As of July 1, 2024, Flip (formerly Flipgrid) has been deprecated for use with Canvas. Video creators will have until September 30, 2024, to download any videos to save and/or move to a different video platform. FSU's ongoing partnership with Kaltura allows videos to be used in Canvas.

What is Flip?

Flip is a video-based web discussion platform that instructors and students can use within their Canvas sites to conduct discussions. This app works much like Canvas' built-in discussion tool, except users make video recordings of themselves for their discussion posts instead of typing out written discussion posts and responses to others' posts.

What are my alternatives?

You have a range of options for making your video.

Option 1: Use Kaltura Personal Capture

  • This is a relatively easy to use option that allows you to record your webcam or your computer screen or both simultaneously. You can record yourself talking as audio while recording your computer screen (e.g., a PPT presentation) as the visual.
  • Install Kaltura Personal Capture on your device following these instructions if you have not already done so for another class.
  • See here for resources on making a video with Kaltura Personal Capture.
  • Click save and upload after you are done recording.
  • Once the video is done uploading, you will be able to access it under "My Media" in Canvas. You can edit it there, but the editing features are not very sophisticated.

Option 2: Upload a video you have made using your favorite video production program/tool (e.g., Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to Kaltura "My Media" in Canvas

  • Go to "My Media" in Canvas, select "Add New" and select "Media Upload".
  • You can do this for a video you have hosted on YouTube (select "YouTube" instead of "Media Upload"), which can be useful for a large file.

Option 3: Use Kaltura Express Capture

  • Go to "My Media" in Canvas, select "Add New" and select "Express Capture".
  • This will only allow you to record your webcam and audio.

Option 4: Record and upload video in Canvas without using Kaltura

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