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Instructors: Course Settings Options

Canvas offers many different options for course settings and enabling optional course features. To navigate to your Canvas course settings:

  1. Navigate to the course you would like to modify using either the Courses or Dashboard option on the garnet global navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Once in your course site, click Settings on the course navigation menu. This is usually (but not always) at the bottom of the menu.

 Your course settings are organized into different tabs: Course Details, Sections, Navigation, Apps, and Feature Options.

Course Details: How do I adjust general course settings?

This article will walk you through all the basic course settings that you will find under the Course Details tab, including adjusting course start and end dates, adding an image to your course so that the image displays on the Dashboard, customizing how many of your recent announcements display on the course home page, and more.

Sections: How do I cross-list a section in my course?

This article walks you through how to use the Sections tab to combine multiple course sections into a single course site.

Navigation: Can I customize the course navigation menu in my Canvas course site?

This article will explain how to customize your course navigation menu. We recommend disabling all navigation links that you will not be using in order to simplify your course site's navigation.

Apps: How do I use the Canvas App Center in a course?

There are a number of different external applications that you can integrate with your Canvas course site via Canvas's built-in EduApp center, including Khan Academy, Accredible, and more.

Before using the Canvas App Center, please review the external apps supported in FSU's Canvas to make sure that you are not trying to install an application that either already exists in your course, or must be installed by FSU ODL Technical Support. There are some external applications that are automatically installed and enabled in all FSU Canvas course sites (e.g., Turnitin). There are also some external applications that are installed in all FSU Canvas courses, but the course navigation item for the app needs to be enabled for the app to be easily available to students (e.g., Kaltura's Course Media and My Media pages, Zoom). Finally, some apps require that you submit a request for installation to FSU ODL Technical Support in order to use them in your course (e.g, ExamSoft).

Feature Options: How do I adjust which features are turned on in a course?

This article will show what optional features you can choose to enable in your course. You can enable ePub exporting of course content, and more.

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