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How do I add captions to uploaded videos in Canvas as an instructor?

Canvas allows you to integrate video and other types of media into your content pages within the Rich Content Editor. You can also add caption files to videos using this tool. Please note that the following instructions only apply to videos directly uploaded into your Canvas page via the Canvas Media Tool - these instructions do not apply to Kaltura videos.

There are other methods for adding videos to Canvas pages (such as Kaltura), and additional instructions are provided for captioning that media. We also have guides for recording new videos and uploading already existing ones.

Note: Users can see video captions with the Canvas mobile app.  Users utilizing the iOS version of this app (with iPhones) can only view the captions for videos in the WebVTT format. Any other video format on the iOS version of the app will not display captions.

Opening the captions menu for your video

  1. You will need a video that has been embedded into a Canvas content page on your course site via the Canvas Media Upload tool. Navigate to this content page and click on the video to play it.
  2. Click the closed caption (cc) icon on the bottom tray of the video player.
  3. Click the upload subtitles option. This will open the "Create/Add Subtitles" window.

Creating a subtitle file

You will need a subtitle/caption file for your video.

  1. Select and copy the video URL found in Step 1 shown below.
  2. Click the Go to subtitle creation tool button in Step 2 shown below.

This will open a new tab in your browser where you will be able to create a subtitle file for your video.

Here is a guide for creating a subtitle/caption file in the subtitle creation tool. Once you are finished, you can return to this page.

Please Note: Canvas may take a while to render the video. If you cannot see Step 1 or Step 2 on the "Create/Add Subtitles" window, try accessing your video at a later time.

Uploading your subtitle file to the video

Once you have your caption file saved to your computer, you can add it to your video.

  1. On the "Create/Add Subtitles" window, go to Step 3.
  2. Click the choose file/browse button (the text this button displays depends on your browser) to browse your computer and locate the caption file you made in the subtitle creation tool.
  3. Use the Language drop-down menu in Step 3 to select what language your caption file uses.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the proper language and correct subtitle file have been selected, click the Upload button to post your subtitles to the video.
  5. Canvas will present the following message at the top of your screen confirming that the subtitle track has been successfully added to your video.
    Confirm Upload: Track uploaded successfully; please refresh your browser.
    Refresh your browser to view your video with the newly added subtitles.
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