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How do I view / download documents in Canvas
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Canvas's inline DocViewer allows you to auto preview all files in a course without downloading them to your device. You can also use auto preview when grading assignment submissions.

The inline file preview works for most commonly used file formats with the exception of:

  • images (.jpg, .png., .tiff, .bmp, .gifetc.).
  • Powerpoint files (.ppt, .pptx) may not display well.

When a file does not display well in the DocViewer, we recommend downloading it.

Please Note: The load times for auto preview of file(s) depend on your internet connection and the number of pages in a document. The more pages there are in a document, the longer it will take to generate an auto preview of the file.

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How to view files in Canvas

  1. Click the DocViewer/magnifying lens icon next to the file name.

  2. Select the + or - buttons to zoom in or out.
  3. Select the Maximize icon in the upper right corner of the preview frame to open the document in your full browser window.
  4. Drag the Resize icon in the lower right corner to enlarge the preview frame.
  5. Select the Minimize File Preview link in the upper left to close DocViewer and exit auto preview of the document.


To manage auto preview of document(s)

  1. Select the Edit button.

  2. Select and highlight the document name, and then select the Hyperlink icon.

  3. Check a box to either disable or enable auto-open inline file preview, and select Update Link.

  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your the settings.

How to download documents/files in Canvas

  1. Select the file and choose the option to Save and then select OK.

  2. Select the Downloads tab in the top right

  3. And select the document to Open.



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