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Instructors: How to email your students via the Faculty Center in myFSU

  1. Login on to with your FSUID and password. Your portal page will appear after login.
  2. From the left-hand side of your portal page, choose TeachingFaculty Center.
  3. Your "My Schedule" page appears.
  4. Under "My Teaching Schedule," click the Class Roster icon for the section containing students you wish to email.
  5. The roster will show all enrolled students. Scroll down to the bottom of the roster page.
  6. Click the Notify all students button to send an email to the entire class.
  7. An email composition box will appear. Type your email message and edit any desired fields. This tool will default to sending the email to all students as a blind copy.
  8. Click Send Notification.
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  • 07-Oct-2020