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Canvas Assignment Integration
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How do I create my Canvas assignments in Gradescope?

Note: This procedure is universal for creating Exams, Quizzes, or Homework assignments, with slight variability for each assignment type.


Follow the steps below to link your Canvas assignment to Gradescope:


1. Log into your Canvas account:



2. Navigate to your course and select the Assignments tab:



3. Select the (1) Assignments Settings dropdown menu and then select (2) Gradescope:


  4. Once the Gradescope window appears, select (1) A new Gradescope assignment, then (2) Link Assignment



5. Specify what type of assignment it is that you're trying to create: Exam/Quiz, Homework/Problem Set, or Bubble Sheet

Note: Bubble sheets can be used for any multiple-choice assignment. 



6. Once selected, you will specify a few things depending on the assignment type.


a. For all assignment types, you will first need to name your assignment:


b. Next, you will need to upload a PDF of the assignment. A blank PDF may be uploaded if you do not have a PDF containing homework problems. 


c. Now you have the option to use the Submission Anonymization feature, which allows for assignments to be graded anonymously:


d. Here is where the assignment type variability occurs: For Homework/Problem Set, it will auto-populate Student Uploaded Submissions. 

This allows you to set a Release Date and a Due Date for students and a Late Due Date and Time Limit on assignments.


e. If creating an Exam/Quiz assignment, the Instructor Upload option will auto-populate and forego the above specifications. 


f. Finally, you will have the option to create your assignment rubric while grading the assignment or prior to assignment uploads:

Note: It is recommended to create your rubric while grading so as not to require editing of the rubric later on, but it is entirely up to your preference. 


7. Before your assignment is created, Gradescope offers the ability to Customize Sections of your course(s). You can adjust Due Date/Time ranges, Student Visibility, or Time Limits. You can bypass this page and edit this information in the Assignment Settings


8. Now select Create Assignment, and it will link to your Canvas Course:


For in-depth video tutorials, check out Gradescope's videos below:


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