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Canvas Roster Integration for Gradescope
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How do I link my Canvas Roster to Gradescope? 


Gradescope makes Canvas LMS integration swift and easy, with a few clicks you can sync your Canvas roster to Gradescope courses.


Follow this step-by-step below for instruction: 


1. Navigate to Gradescope's home page.


2. Log in to Gradescope with your institution's credentials:



3. Select the course you are trying to sync:



4. In the Course Settings, select the Roster tab:



5. Select Sync Canvas Roster



6. Select Sync Roster and check the box below if you'd like students to be notified that they have been added:



7. Now your course roster should be synced across both platforms. In the event that you have students dropped or added to the course at a later date, follow the above steps and select Sync Canvas Roster at the bottom of the page, and it will refresh with your updated Canvas roster. 



For a thorough step-by-step integration video, watch Gradescope's LMS integration for Canvas

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