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iClicker Cloud: Instructor Overview
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iClicker is FSU's preferred polling software, and it allows you as the instructor to administer in-class tests and polls to boost attendance and class participation. iClicker scores are recorded in the Cloud Software and then can be synchronized with your Canvas Gradebook afterwards. iClicker Cloud also allows you to manage your iClicker gradebook online. For more information, see the iClicker Cloud Instructor Guide.

Step 1: Download iClicker hardware

Download iClicker Cloud instructor desktop software

Keep in mind: You must download the instructor desktop software in order to use iClicker cloud, even if you intend to use the iClicker Cloud software via a USB drive.

Step 2: Create your account and course in iClicker Cloud

  1.  Either Sign In or Create an iClicker Cloud account:
  2.  How to Create a Course in iClicker Cloud
  3.  Your iClicker course does not have to match the official course name in Canvas/Registrar:

Step 3: Manage your iClicker Course Settings

  1. Click on the Settings button.
    1. The Attendance tab allows you to manage your attendance preferences and institute a geolocation requirement for joining a session.
    2. The Clickers tab is where you can select your iClicker Base frequency code. This allows students to use the traditional iClicker Remotes in addition to using the Reef mobile app or website. Follow on-screen instructions.
    3. The Polling tab is where you can select various polling options. This includes whether students can receive images from iClicker polls, the value of participation and perfomance points, and whether or not to use an automatic timer with polls.
    4. The Quizzing tab allows you to assign the maximum points available for iCliker Quizzes.
    5. The Course Details tab is where you can input general course information.
  2. Click the Save button in the upper right to commit your changes.

Step 4: Connect your Canvas course with iClicker Cloud

The new iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync (RGS) feature allows you to quickly and easily pull your LMS roster into iClicker Cloud and send your iClicker grades directly to your Learning Management System gradebook. Instructions for Enabling Roster & Grade Sync. 

Additional Resources

How to request iClicker hardware

Faculty and staff may request specific hardware for iClicker Classic or to enable using student remotes in the classroom (including a sample student clicker) by emailing Glen, our iClicker support representative, and CCing the ODL Technical Support Help Desk:

A complete iClicker instructor kit can be loaned to faculty and staff free of charge. This kit includes:

  • a receiver base
  • a blue instructor remote
  • a sample white student remote
  • a USB cord to connect your receiver to the computer

How to turn on the receiver

  1. Plug the receiver into your computer via a USB cord. 
  2. Plug the USB drive into your computer or into the receiver. 
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